General information

  • Vessel of research, pollution control, oil platforms and off-shore activities
  • Owner: Investigaciones Marinas S.L.
  • Flag: Spanish (2º REBECA Registry)
  • Construction: England, 1962, rebuild and reconditioned in Vigo (Spain) in 1990 y 2007.
  • Hull: Steel

Main dimensions

  • Length o.a. 44.50m
  • Length b.p. 38.25m
  • Breadth 9.10m
  • Depth moulded 3.96m
  • Forward draught. 2.70m
  • Aft. Draught. 3.57m
  • Gross register 346Tn
  • Net register 104Tn

Tanks and surface capacities

  • Bow deck area 30m²
  • Stern deck area 130m²
  • Deck cargo (vessel in ballast) 20Tn
  • Feed water 40/50Tn
  • Fuel-Oil 70Tn/MT
  • Lub-Oil 1.5Tn
  • Dispersant 4Tn

Propulsion machinery and auxiliars

  • Main engine
  • 2 Lister Blackstone ERSMGR6 (495HP c/u a 765rpm) coupling a MWD reverse reduction 3:1.
  • Auxiliar machinery
  • Volvo Penta 550HP 1500rpm coupling a 220/380V 340kWA alternator.
  • 2 Volvo hydraulic 2.5Tn diesel action, in bow.
  • 2 Hydraulic stern thrust by maneuvre of 3Tn both with two independent pneumatic, in stern.
  • Fire pump hydraulyc 300Tn/hour 150m hight.
  • bilgewater separator Victor 0.5Tn.
  • Freshwater generator 2 Tm per day.
  • Convertor AC/DC 25kWa.
  • 2 Redesser/Convertor 80kW 380V 220V.

Deck Machinery

  • Depth sounder.
  • Satellite communications equipment of last generation.
  • Lighting of the aft deck that allows campaigns 24h of continuous work.
  • CCTV to control maneuvers.
  • Fire control and isolation of all the main deck to the transport of dangerous goods, with the official certificate of the D.G.M.M.
  • Hydraulic central power of 25HP
  • Hydraulic central power of 25HP working for the following:
  • Hiad hydraulic crane Vallma 2Tm at 6m articulated arm in the aft deck portside.
  • Capstran in the upper deck portside.
  • Capstran of a wire drum 3000m 12mmφ with a pull 4/5Tn lifting speed 80/90m/min.
  • Fixed hydraulic winch with a capacity of 1000 meters of cable 18 mm. With a lifting capacity of 7/8 ton fixed shot and throw triple 25/26
  • Porch swing useful height 10.5 meters aft displacement of 3.5 meters, and with hydraulic drive and load capacity of 22 tons certified

Portable equipment for geophisical studies

  • High frequeency vibrocorer Asther-I, with capacity to penetrate up to 6m in mobile dsediments in 10seg.
  • Digital lateral sonar KLEIN-595, analogue KLEIN-531 with electrical winch and 600m of cable.
  • Profilers Geopulse, Uniboom, ORE and Sparker
  • Echosounders ATLAS DESO-20, MARIMATECH E-Sea Sound 206 and Multihaz SEA BAT-9001.
  • Positionometer GPS Trimble Mod. 4000 DS and 4000RS, Trimble AgGPS-132.
  • ECG Magnetometer Geometrics G-866.
  • Phyllodirected vehicles: Super Sea Rover and Hyball.
  • Multi-Parametric sonar GRAN YSI Mod. 3800.
  • Tecnicians and geophisycalequipment are not included in vessel’s rent.

Navigation equipment

  • Sonar New-Wesmar Mod. JS390. Day color-vision.
  • Radar Raytheron Mod. R.41. Day color-visión, with navigation equipment data input. Scope: 0.25 to 32nm.
  • Plotter JRC Mod. MWU 53. Day color-vision with navigation equipment data input. High resolution: 640 lines. Charts programmed to 400 puntos.
  • GPS receptor Raytheon Mod. Raystar920 with automatic and continuous pointof the GPS system, wich provide continuous situation of the vessel. 30m error for position and 0.2kn for speed.
  • Loran Raytheon Mod. Raynan 520.
  • Decca Receptor Leab Mod. DA-90. Memory units: North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Mediterranean, Canary Islands and 6 units of memory virgin.
  • VHF with directional system.
  • ICOM IC-M710.
  • 2 x Shipmate RS-8400.
  • Sailor RT-5022.
  • Sounder no-solas Furno FE-4200.
  • Loden CVS-841 P.
  • Sounder solas JRC JFE-380.
  • 518kHz Lo-Kata Navtex-2.
  • RTF MF/HF (+LSD) ICOM IC M710.
  • 2 x RTF VHF Sailor RT-144C.
  • RTF VFH Shipmate RS-8100.
  • RTF VFH (+LSD) Shipmate RS-8400.
  • RTF VFH (+LSD) Sailor RT-5022.
  • 2 x RTF VHF Port. Solas sailor SP3110
  • RTF VFH (+LSD) no-solas Shipmate RS-8400.
  • AIS JRC JHS-182.
  • RBLS Cospas.Sarsat Kannad 406 Auto GPS.
  • 2 x ETB-C Sailor TT-3000E/TT-3000SSAS.
  • Radar Solas Koden MDC-2910P.
  • Radar Furno 1600.
  • Radar No-solas Raytheon R-40 y R-41.
  • Radar No-solas Koden MD-3441.
  • SART Serpe-IESM Kannard Rescuer.
  • ETB-C/Mini C Np-solas Thrane & Thrane EE-3026M ECTrack.
  • ETB-Mini-M Thrane & Thrane TT-3064 A.
  • ETB-Mini-M KVH Tracphone 252.

Anti-fire and CO2 equipment

  • Inner with monitors at 7kg/cm².
  • Outside with monitors at 7kg/cm².
  • CO2 installation in the engine room.
  • CO2 portable installation in deck.
  • CO2, dry powder and foam extinguishers.


  • Remote control by pneumatic drive to main engines and transversal screw situated in bow and stern.
  • 2 Electric servo motors.
  • Servo handd driven.
  • Tyler.
  • Rudder angle indicator.
  • Rev indicator tail shaft.
  • 2 Clear view.
  • General and engiene alarms.


TOTAL: 15 (9 crew members, 6 technicians)

Air conditioner in all cabin rooms and starerooms of the ship.

Life saving equipments

  • 2 Life raft 20 People
  • 1 Raft 10 People
  • 1 Raft 16 people
  • 1 Rescue boat, type SV-420 SOLAS
  • Pneumatic two outboard motor boat 15HP.
  • Lifesaving equipment internacional rules and survival equipment.

Speed – Consumption – Range

  • Speed
    • 10knots at 700rpm, max with two engines
    • 3 knots at 300rpm, min with one engine
    • Correlative speed: 8.5knots
  • Consumption
    • 2700 litres 24h Full load
    • 1700 litres 24h Half load
  • Range
    • Full load 30 days
    • Half load 50 days


  • Guías pasa-cables con tiro por popa a estribor y babor especialmente diseñadas para tal misión y también válidas para instalación de líneas de fondeo fijo.
  • Gas welding arc and equipment.
  • Outfit for containers in the aft deck.
  • VHF and walkie-talkies.
  • Inner megafony equipment.
  • CCTV.
  • Laboratory for technical instruments of 20m2 with air conditioned.
  • AC stabilizer for laboratory and navigation equipment.
  • Working tables with equipment and electric current 12/24V CC y 220Va 60Hz y 50Hz CA.
  • Cold storage chamber for maintenance and freezer feed for 60 days and 30 people approx.
  • This ships has an stateroom with TV, video, ship’s library and play table in flag bridge.