Investigaciones Marinas S.L.U. was incorporated in 1990 to use a ship to support oil rigs and other maritime support services, continuing the work of the company REMOLCADORES DE VIGO S.A. (Remolcavisa).

We have since continued to grow and evolve and have undertaken a number of big projects where LAST generation equipment was used, including: – being the Hospital ship to the Instituto Social de la Marina (I.S.M.), – the maintenance and anchorage of the meteorological buoys of the of the Spanish Harbor entity, as well as other geological and marine geophysical projects. – The transportation and set up of materials and research equipment to expand the Gabriel de Castilla Spanish base in Antartica, and – The research of marine sea floor in the Cabo Frío region (Río de Janeiro, Brasil).

The company currently has two ships:, Científico and Investigador




LENGTH 44.5m, BEAM 9.1m


Investigaciones Marinas S.L. has worked with top public and private entities, including:

Public Entities:
Instituto Español de Oceanografía (I.E.O.)
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (C.S.I.C.)
Fundación AZTI
Instituto Social de la Marina (I.S.M.)
FEUGA (Xunta de Galicia)
Puertos del Estado
Universidad de Vigo
Universidad de Barcelona
Universidad de Cádiz
Universidad de Oviedo
University of St. Andrews (Reino Unido)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (EEUU)
Private Entities:
Fugro Oceanor AS Sucursal España
Repsol Investigaciones Petrolíferas S.A. (RIPSA)
Geofísica Mar y Tierra S.A. (GEOMYTSA)
Control y prospecciones Igeotest S.L.
Tyco Marine S.A.
Tecnología y Servicios Subacuáticos S.A. (TESS)
Rana Diving Marine Contractor S.R.L. (Italia)
Ibérica de Estudios e Ingeniería S.A. (IBERINSA)
Estudios Geoambientales S.L.
Esgemar S.A.
Tecnoabmiente S.L
Sumergia S.A.
Geological Assistance and Services (G.A.S)
Enagás Transporte, S.A.U.
Kosmos Energy
RPS. Evans Hamilton, INC